Instant Alert: The 67 types of people in America, according to market researchers

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The 67 types of people in America, according to market researchers

by Gus Lubin on Oct 27, 2016, 4:31 PM

Sixty-one percent of the people in my neighborhood are Laptops and Lattes; 16% are Trendsetters; 14% are Metro Renters.

At least that’s how Esri see it.

The market research giant, with over a billion dollars in annual revenue, divides Americans into 67 different groups based on household characteristics, personal characteristics, and more—gathering and then maps where they live. Esri gathers info from the Census, the American Community survey, and other licensed or proprietary databases.

Clients use this information to decide where to open stores, post advertisements, build developments, and more.

You can check your zip code here.

stock images esriLaptops and Lattes, if you're wondering, are well-educated and affluent professionals in the city. These yuppies "spend money on nice clothes, dining out, travel, treatments at day spas, and lattes at Starbucks."

Trendsetters and Metro Renters live nearby but don't have as much money. Metro Renters may be students or hard-working professionals trying to get ahead. Trendsetters embrace the motto of "You Only Live Once," according to  Esri

Other groups in the US include Top Tier—aka the one percent—Soccer Moms, Comfortable Empty Nesters, American Dreamers, Diners & Miners, Young and Restless, and more. Below, you’ll find Esri’s short descriptions and, amusingly, stock images associated with each group.

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There's a lot going on in that slide. Let's break it down.

"Top Tier" is the cutesy name chosen for this group.

On the left, you can see stock images chosen to illustrate the group.

On the right, you can see typical attributes of this group. In this case: married couples living in single family housing with a median age of 46 and income of $157,000, who are professionals or managers with college degrees, who tend to be white, who tend to own lavish vacation homes, etc. There are about 2 million of these households in the US.

The number on top (1) signifies that they belong to LifeMode 1, aka Affluent Estates. The number on bottom (4) signifies that they belong to Urbanization group 4, aka Suburban Periphery. You can read more about those here or ignore them.

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